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Dance Forms Of Lord Shiva | Different Types Of Shiva Thandavam/Tandava

Various Dance Forms of Lord Shiva

Different dance forms of Lord Shiva have different meanings. As he is the Lord of dances, one cannot expect less. We humans cannot enjoy the dance as celestial beings, but there are temples he blesses us with variety of dances at different places. Let us have a look at them in brief. Thandavam or Tandava means dance performed by the higher beings.

1. Kaliga Thandavam:

This dance is performed by the Lord when He is in the task of Creation. In Thamira Sabha, meaning copper dais, at Nellaiappar temple, Thirunelveli.               

2. Sandhiya Thandavam:

It is danced during the task of Protection by Lord Shiva, and this form is present at the Meenakshi Amman temple, Madurai. The dais here is the Silver dais.

3.  Tripura Thandavam:

The Lord dances in this form, when he is hiding things from the world. The temple that hosts this dance is the Kutralanathar temple, at Kutralam. This dais is termed Chitra Sabha.

4. Oorthuva Thandavam:

Dancing at Thiruvalangadu in the Rathna Sabha, meaning the Gem stone dais, the God performs this dance form when He showers blessings on his devotees.

5. Anandha Thandavam:

When the Lord performs 6 dance forms together,  Kaliga Thandavam, Kaliga Thandavam, Tiripura Thandavam, Urthuva Thandavam and Sangara Thandavam, it is called Anandha Thandavam. This dance form is present in Kanaga Sabha, the Golden Dais, at Chidambaram.

6. Sangara Thandavam:

This is the dance the Lord performs when the destruction takes place. So, there is no temple to host this form.

7. Gowri Thandavam:

As the name signifies, Gowri Thandavam is performed to appease the wish of Goddess Parvati, and this dance form is performed at Tirupattur.

8. Ajaba Thandavam:

This is a dance that the Lord performed as a frog, and this is performed with the breath control. The form can be seen at Thiruvarur.           

9. Unmattha Thandavam:

In Thirunallar, the Lord dances the Unmattha Thandavam, which means the dance of the mad person. The Lord danced infuriated as a mad one.

10. Kukkuda Thandavam:

In Thirukkarayil, the Lord danced as the hen, and the name itself means that the dance of a hen.

11. Tharanga Thandavam:

This dance means that the dance form is like that of an ocean. The dance form includes steps like that of a smooth rhythm, ebb and flow of the ocean. This dance was performed at Nagapattinam. This is a place very close to the sea.

12. Bringa Thandavam:

In Thirukolil, the Lord danced as if the bee carves into the flower.

13. Kamala Thandavam:

In Thiruvaimoor, the Lord danced to resemble the lotus dancing to the rhythm of the breeze.

14. Hamsapadi Thandavam:

In Vedaranyam, aka Thirumaraikadu, the Lord danced to resemble the steps of the Swan.

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