Monday, 24 April 2017

The Secret Key To Discover The God

The Precious Secret to reach God.

Remember these two words. Gravitation and Grace..

Gravitation, the law of the earth which pulls things down.
Grace, the law of heaven which pulls things up.
Gravitation was discovered by Science whereas Grace was discovered by religion.

Normally we are born & we all live under the law of gravitation.

Our whole life is a downward pull.

We begin in birth and we end in death.

We begin alive and we end as a corpse.. This is the downward flow.

Unless one starts moving inwards, the grace, the second law cannot function.

If we continue to remain identified with the mortal body then the law of the earth prevails. The body is part of the earth. When we decide to start moving inwards, that's when this secret comes as a treasure through which we become aware of something which is not part of the body.

It is in the body but not the part of the body.

The body is a temple but it is not the deity, this secret helps you to remove the veil and reveal the deity.

As soon as you become aware of the inner deity that resides within your body, the second law starts functioning; In turn you are pulled upwards.

Life becomes more abundant, more and more rich, becomes infinite, and it becomes perfect.

Then it moves towards the sky and it eventually starts becoming as vast as the sky, and transcends even that limit.

The secret key to realize the hidden treasure; to become awaken, to be always in the grace of God where there is no place for fear and confusion, full of bliss and love is "Meditation"

Yes the secret key is Meditation.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sattvic Desirelessness - What and how it feels

What is Sattvic Desirelessness ?

If your mind i convinced that every objects are illusory, then that is what called as "Sattvic Desirelessness". With the very pure "Sattvic Desirelessness", he/she feels like laughing at the ideas of relinquishing anything.

Was there really any bondage to be relinquished? He/She have tied themselves up with the ropes which are not actually there at all. He/She might say that they have dropped the shackles, but actually they were only holding fast to that really. What was really ever yours ? What you have dropped? If there is nothing truly ever to be dropped, then tell me what is actually there to be let go off?

- Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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