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How To Practice/Perform Self Enquiry (Inquiry) Taught By Ramana Maharshi | The Path To Self Realization

Practicing Self Enquiry (Inquiry)

The great sage Ramana Maharsi, before leaving from the human body, had given us great works to help people realize the self and stepping into the kingdom of eternal bliss. Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi never claimed himself as God, he taught that the self, the aatma or Brahman(God) reside inside every one of us. We can connect to Lord Shiva by surrendering ourselves to the supreme power and dissolving the ego of the "I" thought.  I would recommend users to read the book called "Teachings of Ramana Maharshi" to know more about this beautiful and soul-filling technique in which Sri Ramana Maharshi has answered all the questions that might raise in your mind.

Sri Ramana Maharshi's words,
Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world!.

What is the Goal of Self Enquiry ?

To realize your true self. The  self is the one who is eternal, gateway to God, which resides inside you. To come out of the body consciousness and realizing that you are an immortal soul. When you go beyond the mind and destroy the ego, then there is a kingdom of pure consciousness inside you. Once you realize your self, you realize that you are an immortal being, free of sorrows, worries, anxiety &any negative feelings of your mind and start living in the state of eternal bliss.

Challenges faced when enquiring/inquiring self?

Our ego obstructs us from surrendering to the God.  You no need to take a vow of celibacy. Most people have in their mind that "when you take a vow of celibacy" you become enlightened. Bhagawan Sri Maharshi rubbished that claim away and said that it is just a thought . You can realize your self from the place you are reading this now. Another important factor that forms the obstacle for self realization is that, we are not ready to give up our sufferings from our mind but we(as a soul) want to.  Surrender your sufferings to God and feel that you are free(Really you are free).

How To Practice Self Enquiry

Find a quite place, sit comfortable and make sure your spine is straight.  You can use lotus, half lotus or cross legged position or you can sit in a chair to practice self enquiry. When you sit in the silence, tell to yourself that you are going to remove the burden of all your sufferings with the grace of God.  Feel that you are in God's abode and off course he will take all your burden then.

Judge the thoughts initially and then try to find who is behind the thoughts, Mind is nothing but just thoughts. Transcend that level. Thoughts will keep on coming, don't stop enquiry, ask yourself who is awake when the mind stops its work. While we are sleeping, for few hours we sleep without dreams. At that time the mind doesn't work, so then, who keeps you alive at that time? Go after him, enquire further, find him. He is nothing but self(you), the soul, the eternal being.  This is a gradual process, there is no specific time period for realizing the self. It depends on the dedication level of an individual who strives to reach the God's kingdom by freeing himself/herself  from all his/her sufferings through self enquiry.

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