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How To Do Meditation On Lord Shiva? | Lord Shiva Meditation

People have always wanted to have a glimpse of the God. The God cannot be seen directly. You can feel him or you can see him in the form of other people, who sent by the Lord during the course of our life. Okay, Who doesn't want to have the glimpse of the supreme God, Lord Shiva, himself?

People are/were a;ways wanted to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu epics, many yogis and sages have witnessed Lord Shiva through hardcore penance. These penance went from months to decades to millennium. Surrendering to Lord Shiva and receiving his blessings is the saturation point of the penance.

Why to surrender to Lord Shiva ?

Being  the benevolent father, he is referred as Paramathma., the divine father of all souls. Upon surrendering to the almighty, we are relieved from the next birth, removing all our sins completely and the things that we wanted to do in this present incarnation will happen with ease  by the grace of the Lord Shiva.

Why people are not able to see or feel the God nowadays?

Nowadays the number of sages and saints are less because everybody lives a mechanical life. We have made an indirect competition among each other unknowingly. We run after money, we need to work for our family, working for kids future,  stuck in job, loans and many many things. We are living in a digitized world where there is no room for soul to soul conversation. Our minds are polluted with growing technologies and its direct & indirect effects. Then how to live and enjoy each moment fully with God's grace ?

How to practice the meditation on Lord Shiva ?

We can certainly live with consciousness by turning our mind inwards. Several saints had lived for us and given us their wisdom in order to help us to attain enlightenment and enjoy each moment with bliss and gratitude toward the God.

The great Tamil sain and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, saint Thirumoolar had given a gem of a technique to meditate on Lord Shiva and thus attaining eternal bliss.

With Lord Shiva in your mind, his grace in your soul, chant the name 'Shiva, Shiva"  mentally four times when you inhale oxygen thus expanding the abdomen. Control and hold the same near the glottis and chant 'Shiva, Shiva' fourteen times. Then exhale the carbon-dioxide through the right hole of the nose chanting 'Shiva Shiva' eight times. Dedicate yourself to the supreme Lord, By performing this, you not only achieve the siddhi of attaining deathless body, but also become Lord Shiva(God) himself". 

These instructions are clearly explained in Thirumandhiramm, which we would recommend every user to read and know more about the great Siddhas and Siddhis.

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