Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Positive Things Happening In The World Now

There are many Positive things taking place now. We might not have thought about it because of the other bad things happening around the globe.

We need to thank technology, which serves as the driving force to bring ourselves to realize the positives around us.  So what are the positive things that made me to write this article ?

Rise Of startups - End to Joblessness

Rise of startups changing the mentality of "I am for myself" attitude and as a result it allows people to give jobs to the needy. You will never end up jobless unless you decide to sit and complain from your home. There are thousands of opportunities on live to web. Many opportunities to earn money, When our ideas are in harmony we can achieve it.

Realizing that our traditional education system is a crap

Education system is changing. Especially our common Indian education system which most people afford is an utter crap. As we grow we realize that traditional schooling is not necessary. We realize that those certificates are just paper. What we learn practically is more important than anything. What inside in our mind matters.

Raise of interest in Spirituality

People involving in spirituality are increasing. Few years back very very few went to yoga and meditation classes. one out of 200 may know the idea of Yoga and meditation. Now you can see 1 out of 10 people practicing Yoga in regular intervals. Spirituality helps people overcome their fears, anxiety and any sort of mental disorder and thus helps in the improvement of physical health.  Scientists have discovered that people who are spiritually involved are not prone to major diseases.

Focusing on healthy lifestyle

Food Styles are also changing. People realized that how they are cheated by their government in the health area. The government officials just act as puppets of corporate big shots and forced unhealthy life style upon us. For instance, cancer was once a disease, now it has became an industry. The money involved in treating cancer is too big. Most of the stuffed, aerated drinks and junk foods we consume contains cancer causing agents in it. People are now realizing bit by bit that they are misguided. Now they turned their focus towards organic foods and natural medicines. We are now realizing that mother nature has offered us everything from living to healing.

Passion for traveling increased

Ever than before the passion for traveling has increased. People don't want to stuck in 9 to 5 jobs. They realized living and dying in same place is not what they meant for. God has given us the huge world. So they decided to fly like a bird. They cross oceans, see new people, they cherish everything. It is a good sign because when you are open to travel you are open to hug new people, learn new language, see new culture and enjoy new lifestyle.

Realize these things , we no need to complain about the bad things that are happening around us. We can be self disciplined and enjoy every moment of the life. 

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