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Types of Siddhis | Siddhis That Gives Human Supernatural Powers To Human - About Siddhi

We have seen many people fighting with  unimaginable amount of energy in Movies. But do you know our ancestors had great supernatural powers that anyone can't think of ?. Our Siddhas and Yogis did several miracles . Humans attain psychic abilities through Siddhis. These Siddhas or Sadhus were worhsiped as equal to the God as they are considered as the gifted child of the almighty.

Siddhi Through Which People Becomes Super Human

Anima Siddhi'

Through Anima Siddhi, a human, go below the size of an atom. In the ancient days several saints has achieved this and they got back to normal when ever they wanted.

Mahima Siddhi

 Mahima is to enlarge your body. You can attain unimaginable structure through this Siddhi. You can attain infinitely large size.

Laghima Siddhi

Irrespective of your great shape, you can still be weightless. That is the power of Laghima Siddhi.

Garima Siddhi

Eventhough you are small in size, you can still attain huge weight no matter what your size is.

Prapti Siddhi

This Siddhi gives us the power to touch anything we desire with hands. He who performs this Siddhi purely he/she can touch the moon with his fingers. This Siddhi actually removes the space limatation between two locations.

Prakamya Siddhi

 The prakamya Siddhi gives us the power to achieve our desires. Whatever we desire we can achieve it through this Siddhi.

Ishita Siddhi

This Siddhi provides the practitioner with the power to control the law of nature. We can control the five elements of nature such as space, air, water, fire and earth. They are called as Panchaboothas according to Hindu mythology. He/She can walk on water or climb on air when he performs this Siddhi.

Vashita Siddhi 

This Siddhi offers the practitioner the power to control others.

Kamavasayita Siddhi 

This gives the performer the ability to obtain anything from anywhere.  Kamavasayita Siddhi is considered to be the highest of the other Siddhis.

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