Monday, 26 December 2016

Types of Siddhis | Siddhis That Gives Human Supernatural Powers To Human - About Siddhi

We have seen many people fighting with  unimaginable amount of energy in Movies. But do you know our ancestors had great supernatural powers that anyone can't think of ?. Our Siddhas and Yogis did several miracles . Humans attain psychic abilities through Siddhis. These Siddhas or Sadhus were worhsiped as equal to the God as they are considered as the gifted child of the almighty.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Simple Solution To All Life Problems

Really Our Life Is Confusing ?

Five Important Lessons In Life

Important Lessons Of Life | Facts And Lessons Of Life

Death Is A Liberation - You Won't Take Anything With You When You Die

You Won't Take Anything With You From the Earth When You Die

Every people has an aim to earn everything in their life. They need money, luxurious homes, car, ornaments and so on. The whole world rely on money. Money means everything. Life has become very mechanical and it results in the effect of people undergoing hardships throughout their lifetime.

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