Friday, 25 November 2016

Who Are Siddhas (Siddhars) ? | Clear Explanation and Meaning Of Siddhas - About Siddhas / Siddhars

Who Are Siddhas

Born in the soil; The body we resides makes us feel hungry;  Does the hunger is conquered or how can we conquer that hunger ? No answers yet.  We have to work for food. Apart from food, there are clothes, shelter, wife, kids, relations and many other entities that crosses takes part in our life; We have to work for them too.

In this situation, there are many paradoxes like rich-poor, strong-weak, wise-fool, inferior-superior, good-bad, God-evil and plenty of other variations in the society. 

"What are all these? For what reason I born in such a big world?

 who am I? 

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