Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ramana Maharshi On Self Inquiry And Self Realization | Sri Ramana Maharshi About Self Enquiry

Ramana Maharishi and the Enquiry(Inquiry) into the Self

Ramana Maharishi a renowned saint is from Tamil Nadu – India. He advocated like, many other Hindu saints, the theory of renunciation. The renunciation of worldly desires to acquire the desire to attain God. He propagated the theory through the concept of Advaitha  and its essence - Aham Brahmaasmi. That is “I am the Brahman” or the supreme being. His means to attain the Supreme Being is called the Self – Inquiry.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Pranayama | Important things That You Should Know About Pranayama : The Breath Control Yoga Technique

Pranayama is the control of Prana;regulation of prana. Prana is the life force.Swami Vievekanada  says since prana  activates the lungs,pranayama is the regulation of activation of  the lung muscles.

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