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How To Prove Atheist That God Exist | Proof For The Existence Of God

How To Prove Atheist That God Exist ?

Everybody who believes in God has this question in their mind always. I faced this issue many times and was confronted strongly by the atheists. There are many people who will not listen to us when we speak about the God's existence. And before entering into the argument they will fix in their mind that they will never ever going to accept this truth. But still God believers try to explain them or sometimes we too take hard stance too and end up in a harsh exchange of words.  Lets go through this long discussed matter deeply. There are few points we need to scrutinize on how Atheism has raised, reason behind it and how can we explain them about the God's Existence.

Why atheists don't believe in God

These are the main reasons that are behind why people has become Atheists.
  • He/She might have gone through lot of ordeals and adversities in their life. For example, some of their closed ones might had a tragic death or they would have faced unwanted situations like financial problems etc.,
  • The wars, genocides and any type of ruthless things that has/had happened and happening in the world would have definitely made them to doubt the God's existence. Yes it's easy, if the God exists these things should have never occurred.
  • Fake Godmen are one of the main reasons behind it.  Some of those people claims themselves to be a God or a modern appearance of God or they say that they are the only way for devotees to communicate with the God. These fake monks/saints and a herd of people who follows them blindly has increased anger in their mind and disbelief in God. The way these herds made some sects of the society a crap is unbearable for them and also the people who believes in God too.
  • There are few people who has no belief in God for no proper reason. They say that they are an atheist because they want a spotlight. They want themselves to be differ and stay highlighted in a society and they consider this, as an easy way to do that.

How did I became a firm believer of God

I see many people who has a huge belief in God and later at some point they became an Atheist for some reasons. And on the other side, I have seen many people who started believing in God after some self realization and other things.  I am one of the example of an Atheist who became a huge believer of God. I have some reasons for that. 

Initially I had a faith in God. At some point of my life, due to some unfortunate reasons happened in our family which had a huge reputation and doing financially well was brought down to the bottom level. We sold our beautiful big house at an undervalue price. We were forced to shift lot of houses. Me and my younger brother who were studied in big schools were put into government schools only because the fees is cheap. We vacated our shop. We changed cities and so on. I decided to not to pray to the God.

But on the other hand my mom who sacrificed everything for us, stood strongly and faced every situation. The best part is thet she never gave up on God. Sometimes she was angry at him, but still she continued to pray to the God and made several visits to the temples. But I started abusing God at some point and even confronted the people who said God exists. There are some genocides that happened around the world also made an impact in me to not to believe in God.

My first step to the kingdom of God

I still saw my mom praying to God regularly. I even sometimes questioned her. But inside my heart,  I was inspired by my mother's persistence on how she continued to held her belief. So after failure in university exams, my mom asked me to go temple and told me that he is the only one who can help you.  I mostly I never deny my mom;s words on "serious" situations. I decided to go to Pazhani Murugan Temple, I really had some driving force after finished worshipping and came back to Chennai. I did the exams well and was one of the only 2 guys who passed that exam in my class. And I did it with passing 3 failed papers. 

Second step that made me a believer

That was a first small step on my travel to the kingdom of God. In India from 2011 to now there is a huge employment problem because of large number of engineers being graduated every year. I was graduated on 2012. And I was without job for 6 months. But I made sure that I am visiting Pazhani Murugan temple every year. And I got job in one my friend's brother's company for 1000 Indian rupees on 2012, that is 18$ a month. Yes, a very low income. But I have no other way, so I joined and started working there. Later my salary was raised to 6000 Rs. (100$).  And after some point I started dreaming big and wanted to join some big companies. I did made an effort and failed as many as interviews I can. 

And then my salary was doubled, still it isn't sufficient but it is grateful to me at that time when compared to the previous payslip. I was offered an interview chance from a somewhat medium sized media publishing company but for the same salary. I was impressed by the employers and the way they approached the interview. So I decided to join company. And that is where my life started changing and my perspective on myself and the God started changing positively.

I worked there for a year with the same salary when I left the previous concern. On the other hand my friends were growing up well and they joined big companies. Both of my brothers were worked in a reputed concern. All of them were getting twice or more than my salary. But one thing that even I admire about myself was, I was never bothered by that. I never had jealousy in my mind. At the same time my mom was worrying about my future as the software field I worked was very different from other fields. So if I leave the job I can't get a decent after that. Though I continued praying and always asked God to give me a job with good salary and also in a great company. What happened ?

God Has Big Plans For You

My prayers were never answered at that time. But still I continued to believe in God and I didn't realize that he had been throwing light all the way which I saw, but didn't realize why those lights were visible to my eyes. Yes I asked him for a job in an another company, but he made myself a boss. I realized that there is a big reason that I wasn't selected by any companies that  I went for an interview. 

I realized, if you have a firm belief in God with no doubts, he will certainly do big for you. Just trust him. If God doesn't offer you the one you asked for, it means, he has something more better plans than that for you.

Proving Atheists That God Exists

 If he/she is a kind of person who never wants to listen from you, we shall leave them just like that. But still if you want to show the proof, there are some key points.

There is a thing called Karma, based on which your good and bad things are calculated.  It is not that the God takes note of it, but it is you who is taking note of it. You in the sense not the body but the self, the soul. Your soul records every thing and when you die, you(you are soul), you go to the supreme power and you get the next incarnation based on the deeds you did in the past incarnation.

Everything is Karma. What you did in previous birth will reflect in this birth. If you see some very kind and generous people dying an unfortunate death, he/she will be born as a blessed soul in the next incarnation.

In the world, everything is a cycle, likewise our soul follows cycle pattern. Because when you day we say "May your soul rest in peace" . So people are referring to the soul and not the body. The soul never dies, it just travels from a body to body. Body is just a place where soul lives. There are many saints in India who had even got the powers to create gold from some kinds of herbs, especially you can find lot of these things in the Indian state of Tamil nadu. If you go to Thiruvannamalai or Sathuragiri, you can still feel the presence of Yogis and saints who lived and living there.

There must be a reason why religion was created. Every religion is based on God. During the ancient days, people lived with nature, they spoke with trees, some saints flew, they felt the emotions of other living beings. But nowadays that is not possible. Everyone are leading a busy life and some are are living a stressful life. There are lot of things that can eat your time which you are actually supposed to be still.  That's why nowadays we are not able to contact with the God or feel the presence of God.

You can ask an atheist to learn any meditation technique(You no need to have belief in God to learn meditation) and ask them to go to a remote scenic spots, especially mountains or forest would be wise and ask them to stay there for a week and do meditation. They will feel the presence of a super power around them sometimes during their stay when they do that. And at that time, a spark will be ignited in their mind and they will surely agree with the presence of  some super power. And when they start examining that super power honestly, they will realize the existence of the God soon.
"God exists. You just need to realize it" 

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