Thursday, 18 August 2016

You Are Blessed | Reasons To Prove That We Are Blessed Souls

Why We Humans Are Blessed ?

It is a blessing to be born as a human. We have the sixth sense that other living beings lack. Yet this same advantage has become a disadvantage as the days passed. We developed ego, greediness, selfishness, envy and other things that spoils the humanity. The things like anger, anxiety, ego, fear and depression can be overcome through meditation. It purifies the real self(our souls) and allows to become mindful and get us closer to the god. In turn we enjoy the present moment mindfully. Here are the reasons why you are blessed.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

How To Prove Atheist That God Exist | Proof For The Existence Of God

How To Prove Atheist That God Exist ?

Everybody who believes in God has this question in their mind always. I faced this issue many times and was confronted strongly by the atheists. There are many people who will not listen to us when we speak about the God's existence. And before entering into the argument they will fix in their mind that they will never ever going to accept this truth. But still God believers try to explain them or sometimes we too take hard stance too and end up in a harsh exchange of words.  Lets go through this long discussed matter deeply. There are few points we need to scrutinize on how Atheism has raised, reason behind it and how can we explain them about the God's Existence.

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