Friday, 6 May 2016

When a Man Meets Lord Shiva - The Power Of Shiva Mantra | The Divine Story

Shambho Mahadeva : The Powerful Chant

I want to share you this beautiful story to share the greatness of the God.

A man was roaming around and he saw a group of yogis chanting Shiva mantra loudly. As a golden blessing he met Lord Shiva. He asked why your devotees always chant your name aloud. What is the use of it? Why don't you tell them to stop.

Lord said to him, "You do one thing," said Lord Shiva pointing out the man, "You go to the  worm moving there and say Shiva Shambo(Siva Sambo), let's see what happens," he said.

As the Lord said he went to the worm and said the mantra, in no time the worm died. He began to wonder!

Then the God pointed out a butterfly and told him to go and say the same mantra  "He went  to the butterfly and said the magic word, then the butterfly died.

The man was very worried. Then Lord Shiva pointed out a deer and asked the man to do the same. He was little hesitant but since it is the word of the supreme God, he went near the deer and said " Shiva Shambo" , the deer fainted down and died.

At a longer distance there was a mother holding baby coming by the way. And the lord told the man to go near the baby and say the mantra. This time the man was shocked and frightened very much. He told the God that " I can't do this to a baby, it will be a biggest sin of my life" . But to obey the Lord's words with full hesitation he approached the baby and told the mantra in the baby's years.

But this time the child woke up and told the man that,

"When I was a worm, you transformed me into a butterfly using the magical chant and then through the same magical mantra you transformed me into a beautiful deer.  And after that with one more mantra you transformed me into a human. Please tell the mantra to me one more time, I would like to achieve sovereignty!".  The man was speechless and realized the power and love of the God to his creations.

Where there is vibration, there is a sound.  The whole universe is a  sound. Every mantra has a close connection to the universe and it gets us closer to the God and in turn help us to attain divinely powers.

The word " Shambo"  used here is a key to the boundless characteristics of holiness. 

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