Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mediation Scams - The Awkward Business Behind Spirituality | Learn Meditation to Only Earn ?

Yes! this topic may be little disturbing for you all, but I must say this. Meditation and Yoga were discovered by great saints, sages and Godly people to help people overcome their sufferings, anxiety, depression and attain peace of mind and in turn becoming still. There are few institutes doing this as a service till today and they run by voluntary donations not  asking or forcing people to pay for a course. But there are many institutes and newly started meditation centers and people who learns meditation mainly for the purpose of looting money from people.

Is teaching meditation for money is a bad thing ?

Certainly not. Because everybody needs money why even a yogi should have money to buy from a daily needs to a house. So I am not coming to say getting money is bad. To run a institute you must need to pay electric bills, rent and other stuffs. But you can't extract money more than what you need. Asking 40$ for a 5 day course in country like India and other developing countries is definitely not good. Here most of the people are not doing great business and their's and their family's life relies on their monthly salary.  So giving 40$ from their monthly salary will create huge hole in their monthly budget.

The Scam Behind Meditation 

The major scam of meditation mainly occurs through online. There are newly rose meditation quacks who travel to India, Thailand and other Asian countries to learn meditation only to earn. After they satisfied with their learning. they create a website and ask them to attend private sessions for 25 to 50$ per lesson and after that they charge for other lessons.  In developed countries the price of learning meditation or yoga costs you more than thousands of US dollars. To those people, even though you are good enough financially to pay that money, I request you to think about the background of the people who teaches you that course. Have it as a savings or spend that for a good cause, that's all I can say.

If they actually want to teach meditation to people for a good cause, they can do it with a lesser amount(I am not asking them to teach for free) of fee. When you earn from the same website through the number of  visitors and why not you get lesser amount of money from the people and teach them. It may sound jealous(but not:D), but the fact is they are spoiling the core concept of the purpose of meditation.  Few of you reading this article and if you have subscribed to any spiritual websites, you may get an email regularly like "The best way to get rid of stress," and when you click it it will lead to a video or web page and waste your few minutes through some generic audio or video, and in the end they will ask you to pay some $ and get rid of your stress completely.

Do you think you can get rid of all the stress within a minute of watching a dumb video made for money ?. Never, meditation is a daily practice of getting us closer to the God. You can''t get that as a ready made thing. It is just  a temporary relief and definitely will not be a permanent one. 

Reason Behind Meditation Frauds and Scams

People are nowadays very stressful, depressed and anxious. We want to get rid of these bad emotions and wanting a peace of mind. When there is a demand for anything, a new business will rise. Meditation exist for a very long time from the ancient days more than thousands of years ago. But, some new generation meditation centers or teachers were just born to suck the money from people. Not only the westerners even most of the people from the developing Asian countries does this cheap work too.

Where to Learn Good Meditation

There are lot of institutes that offers you a good meditation and they are really doing it for a good cause all over the world. Some are free and others will get a small donation and that's worth it. I am not going to promote any particular centers, as I am not inclined towards a particular organisation. If so, I wouldn't be a eligible person to write this topic. 

But I can say one thing, wherever you live in the world, there are good meditation centers which exists every 5 KMs in your city or the nearest major city.

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