Friday, 22 April 2016

Heaven and Hell: The Concept Behind the Mysterious Theory

This is one of the intriguing topics that people often discuss about. I am not going to say which set of people's view is correct. But, I am just going to give you a info which may surprise you or shock you or might make you laugh.

What is Heaven and Hell according to most religion ?

If you want to say in a simple way, heaven is the place where good people live and hell is the place where bad people. If you do good deeds you will get a pass to heaven else you will be in hell. 

The above is the common theory that applies to heaven and hell by most of the major religions. We don't want to debate on whether the concept is true or not. But let us go straight into the actual concept of hell.

How does a heaven look like ?

Puzzled ?. 
I bet we have never seen heaven before or we might have seen heaven in one of our previous incarnation, possibly you won't remember. According to Raja yoga,  Heaven is the same world we live but few thousand years ago where Lord Krishna was in the earth. There were plenty of golds, platinum, diamonds and many precious stones were available. And people were lived in tranquility and harmony.  

Lord Krishna in Heaven

Peace everywere, no murders, no greediness, kind people throughout the world, no  cheaters, no crimes hence Satya Yuga was called as heaven where people were governed by Gods.

What is Hell ? How does hell look like ?

Firstly to remember, heaven is not on the sky opposite to the gate of heaven. 

The hell is nothing but the place we live now. Yes, this yuga is the kali yuga.  There were crimes, greediness, height of lust, rape, murder, no trust among people, technology taking place of real care, no peace of mind, wars, robbery, ego, selfishness and every people are undergoing stress in some part of live. 

Hence saints and yogis termed this yuga as Kali yuga and next time don't wonder how the hell will look like. Just see your surroundings. 

Is there anyway to save ourselves from the hell ?

Gods has given solution to all problems.  If you truly have an immense faith in him, he will never leave you helpless.

Have faith in God. He is the only supreme power who can give us the wisdom on life. When you truly realize you are not a body but a soul and cherish that and start loving people, you will not be affected by this hell and hence you can live in peace.

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